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Metal Connector for Manual Aneroid

  • Medline gauges are tested above government standards that check for accuracy, calibration, and life of the gauge
  • The extensive testing and commitment to quality help provide accurate blood pressure readings from patient to patient
  • Male/female connector is designed for use with Aneroid blood pressure monitors MDS9400/9407

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Q: What are Adapters and Connectors?

 Adapters and Connectors are tools used to connect diagnostic equipment to a machine in order to perform diagnostic tests and obtain readings.

Q: What are their different types available?

 There are a variety of diagnostic adapters and connectors available, including OBD-II connectors, J1939 connectors, USB adapters, and Ethernet adapters.

Q: How do they work?

A: Adapters and connectors work by connecting diagnostic equipment to a machine's diagnostic port. The equipment then sends signals and receives data to diagnose any issues.