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Simple tips to prevent a runny nose, watery eyes and scratchy throat!

Allergies are a major cause of illness in the United States. Up to 50 million Americans have some type of allergies.

Allergies are an overreaction to things that are typically harmless to most people. When you're allergic to something, your immune system mistakenly believes that a particular substance is harmful to your body.

Substances that can cause allergies are:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Plants
  • Pollen
  • Chocolate
  • Dust mites
  • Animal dander
  • Mold
  • Peanuts

There is no real cure of allergies but there are ways to reduce symptoms. If reducing exposure to allergens is not possible then medications including antihistamines can be prescribed. A physician who is known as an Allergist can also give allergy shots to a patient. These allergy shots are only helpful for allergens such as dust, pollen, animals and mold.

The only way to avoid food allergies is to avoid that particular food.

We have shared some simple and excellent tips to avoid allergies below:

  1. Wear glasses when outdoors, covering your eyes will keep pollen and other irritants away. This is also very helpful in reducing redness and itchy eyes.
  2. Run the air conditioner at home and leave the doors and windows closed. This is very helpful during the spring because airborne allergens and other irritants will have a difficult time getting into your house.
  3. Keep AC and furnace filters fresh. Use MERV filters that have a rating of 8 to 12.
  4. Try to minimize outdoor activity when pollen counts are at the highest, which is usually midday or afternoon hours. People who suffer from Asthma should avoid going outside during these times.
  5. Shower and wash your hair before going to bed, this will help remove pollen and other irritants from your skin.
  6. Don’t hang laundry outside (especially in the spring) because fabric can attract pollen.
  7. Take vitamins regularly which provide nutrients to your body so you can stay healthy.
  8. Choose hardwood floors, instead of wall to wall carpeting.
  9. Wash bedding once a week in hot water which will get rid of dust mites.
  10. Keep houseplants to a minimum.
  11. Don’t smoke inside your house.
  12. Avoid walking through the woods, gardens or parks containing flowers.
  13. Install an exhaust fan in your kitchen to avoid cooking fumes.
  14. Place high quality door mats in your house that can collect dirt and dust which can be tracked inside.
  15. Read all food labels carefully if you suffer from certain food allergies.
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