Bath Safety Products for Seniors

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The fundamental purpose of bathing is to maintain health and physical well being of the body. While most young, able-bodied people do not think twice about taking a bath, bathing is more difficult, more time consuming, and more hazardous for older people with disabilities.

The National Center for Health Statistics in 1987 reported that about 10 percent of all people over the age of 65 have difficulty bathing and 90% of all home accidents occur in the bathroom. The number of bathroom accidents increase everyday which includes death risk for people of all ages. A careful study of available bathtubs and shower suggests that safety was never a major issue in their design, keeping that in mind many bath safety products have been developed and made available to people all over the world to avoid any accidents. These accessories greatly assist in easy and safe transferring of a person to get in and out of the tub.

Take a few moments to browse through our catalog, we’ll help you save both time and money.

Transfer Benches

Transfer Benches

  • A commode opening affords the user greater comfort and better access for cleaning.
  • Thick, high density foam cushions and backrest for comfortable seating that won’t bottom out.
  • Suction cup footpieces secure the bench to tub floor.
  • Lightweight, folding aluminum frame is height adjustable in 1/2? increments to accommodate most tubs.
  • Weight capacity 300lbs.

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Bathtub Safety Rails

Bathtub Safety Rails

  • Size: 8"H x 11"W
  • An economical choice for a safe grip around the tub.
  • White powder-coated with foam-lined clamps that won’t mar tub surface.
  • Mounting bracket adjusts 3.5" to 6" to fit most standard tubs.

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Deluxe Tub Grab Bar

Deluxe Tub Grab Bar

  • Clamp design, including stainless steel components, stays secure after repeated use.
  • Patented step through design provides an unobstructed entry/exit path allowing better hand positioning.
  • Bi-level hand grip for maximum flexibility and safety.
  • Toll free installation and large rubber-lined pads won’t mar tub surface.
  • Adjusts to fit tubs 2.75" – 6.25" thick.

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Chrome Plated Wall Grab Bars

Chrome Plated Wall Grab Bar

  • Adjustable oval flange rotates to best position for secure mounting.
  • Knurled finish provides a sure grasp even when wet.
  • 1" diameter, 18-gauge chrome plated steel.
  • Available in 12", 16", 18", 24", 32" and 36"

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Ergonomic Hand Held Shower

Ergonomic Hand Held Shower

  • Easily adapts to existing shower arm, delivering standard or pulsating spray.
  • Extra long 86" hose for use while seated.
  • Built-in water saver. Uses less than 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • On/Off control and massage are conveniently positioned at your fingertips.
  • Diverter valve allows you to also use existing shower head.

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  • Floor-to-ceiling pole that safely assists standing, sitting, climbing stairs, or transferring.
  • No tools required for installation. Screw mechanism with padded bracket fits securely without marring surface.
  • White powder-coated, heavy gauge steel is attractive and durable.

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Safe and accessible bathing is not solely a concern of the elderly, disabled and those caring for them. It is of utmost importance to all people irrespective of their age or physical disabilities. Eliminating accidental deaths and injuries is of prime importance in creating a safe bathing environment. Our bath safety products can help people to be safe again.

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