Park Ave Scrubs - Most Comfortable Scrubs Available!

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If you are looking for new scrubs that have breathable all-day comfort, spacious pockets, and fit to falleter your body, then Park Ave scrubs will surpass your expectations! 

Scrubs comparable to figs, athletic and well designed. Fashion forward, trendy styles, designed to move and stay clean all day long.

This entire scrub line is made from a 4-way stretch material that is composed of 72% polyester, 23% rayon, & 5% spandex for durability. These scrubs provide and maintain breathability and comfortability while working in busy and high paced environments, which means even after a long day's work, you will still feel and look your best! Park Ave Scrubs give a stylish yet professional touch and the poly blend material makes them durable for everyday use, and no-hassle washing and wearing. One of the reasons these scrubs are extremely popular is simply because of their relaxed, stretchy, contemporary fit that allows a ‘cooling comfort’. The material used is resilient, long-lasting, & fade and wrinkle resistant. The words “moves like high-end apparel” are used to describe the elasticity and how the fabric is easy-going, in terms of moving with your body, while still accomplishing the seamless and velvety looking design.

Pockets2 Pockets
Pack SizeEach
BrandPark Ave
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