PerforMAX Unisex Reversible Scrubs

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Revolutionary Reversible Unisex PerforMax scrubs are the high-performance choice designed to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. Plus they won't pill, shrink, fade, or wrinkle. The 100% synthetic blend (Polyester) performs like athletic wear and is engineered to divert moisture and heat away from skin while staying light and dry. The sizing for these scrubs range from X-S to 4-XL, as well as provide more than 10 color options to choose from. 

The tops have color colored trims and the pants have color coded drawstrings to differentiate the different sizes and quick and easy identification. The tops incorporate a modern, yet modest look and features a upper left chest pocket on outside and inside. The pants feature drawstring waist for comfort and a custom fit, plus 2 side seam pockets for small items. 

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