Why Instant Cold and Hot Therapy?

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Hot and cold therapy provides instant hot or cold relief.

Cold therapy is used to reduce inflammation and swelling by lowering skin temperature. It also helps to relieve pain by numbing injured tissue and reducing muscle spasm. It is important to apply cold therapy to an injured area as soon as possible to keep the surrounding swelling tissue to a minimum. Instant cold therapy treatment can last approximately 20 to 35 minutes and will go down to temperatures reaching 26°F to 30°F.

Hot therapy is used on injuries after inflammation and swelling has subsided. Hot therapy usually follows cold therapy. Hot therapy is used to treat torn muscle and tendons after inflammation subsides. Instant hot therapy treatment can last approximately 20 to 35 minutes and can reach temperatures between 110°F and 135°F depending on the product.

Instant cold and hot therapy provides consistent, even thermal therapy, eliminating the temperature extremes associated with ice bags, hot water bottles, heat lamps and towels. Single-use design helps reduce risks associated with cross contamination and eliminates sterilization/reprocessing costs.

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