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Blood Pressure Kits with Handheld Aneroids

  • Each kit features a handheld aneroid blood pressure monitor with easy-to-read gauge and D-ring cuff
  • They come complete with a stethoscope, complete instructions, recording chart, and carrying case
  • For professional use only

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Handheld Neoprene Aneroids

  • Durable neoprene tubing and bladder
  • Exceptional accuracy from top-quality, zinc alloy precision gauge
  • Nylon range finder cuff for quick, convenient patient fitting
  • No-stop pin action for visual calibration check and added accuracy
  • Carrying case included

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Q: What is a manual blood pressure monitor?

A: A manual blood pressure monitor is a device that measures blood pressure using a cuff, stethoscope, and gauge, instead of an electronic display.

Q: How is a manual blood pressure reading taken?

 A manual blood pressure reading is taken by wrapping a cuff around the upper arm and inflating it to temporarily stop the flow of blood, then slowly releasing the pressure while listening to the pulse with a stethoscope.

Q: What are the advantages of using a manual blood pressure monitor?

Manual blood pressure monitors are often more accurate than electronic monitors and do not require batteries or electricity.