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Controlled Substances Log Book

  • Consolidated documentation in one readily accessible place for auditing (DEA requires this data be retained for at least 2 years)
  • Can help facilities to comply with regulations, including 21 U.S.C. 827 (b), 21 U.S.C. 827 (c)-DEA, and 42 CFR 483.60-CMS
  • Designed for manual recordkeeping of prescription drugs
  • Appealing and durable hardcover design
  • 4 sections include: 225 pages to track intake of prescriptions, 14 pages to record when facilities receive each schedule 2 controlled substance prescription delivery from the pharmacy, 30 pages to record narcotic emergency drug kit usage, 54 shift count pages to record count of narcotic emergency drug kits at the beginning and end of each nurses shift

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Q: What information is typically recorded in a medication delivery log book?

 Information that may be recorded in a medication delivery log book includes the patient's name, date and time of medication administration, medication name and dosage, route of administration, and the initials of the person administering the medication.

Q: What are some common errors in medication delivery?

 Some common errors in medication delivery include administering the wrong medication or dose, incorrect timing of medication, and administering medication through the wrong route.

Q: How can medication delivery errors be prevented?

A: Medication delivery errors can be prevented by ensuring accurate medication orders, proper labeling of medications, and double-checking medication doses before administration.