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Advantage Magnetic Patient Alarms

  • Inhibit patient wandering with this efficient alarm
  • The magnetic pull switch releases from any angle, helping to eliminate false alarms and clothing tears
  • Mount on bed or chair with strap and hook-and-loop fastener or tether clip to patient's clothing
  • Recessed on/off switch on side of alarm
  • Battery check button allows caregiver to check batteries without sounding alarm

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Chair Reusable Waterproof Sensor Mat

  • Foldable: easy to store, avoid replacement cost from folding damage
  • Constructed from high-grade vinyl material for maximum durability
  • Water resistant
  • 15 Inch Length

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Q: What are patient alarms?

 Patient alarms are devices that alert caregivers when a patient needs assistance or attention.

Q: How do bed alarms work?

A: Bed alarms are placed on a patient's bed and detect when the patient moves or gets out of bed. When triggered, the alarm sends an alert to the caregiver.

Q: How can personal alarms benefit patients?

 Personal alarms are wearable devices that allow patients to call for help when needed, increasing their independence and improving their safety.