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Digital Rectal Thermometers Sheath

  • Rectal sheath is prelubricated with water-based lubricant for ease of use
  • Intended for use with digital rectal stick thermometers
  • Fits most of that style thermometer

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Ear Thermometer Probe Covers

  • Probe covers are intended for use as barriers between digital thermometer probe and users’ ears
  • Help reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Single use only

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Medline Digital Oral Thermometers Sheaths

  • Fit most pocket-style digital thermometers
  • Disposable
  • To use, insert a thermometer (not included) by sliding it between clear tab and arrows; holding thermometer upright, push sheath covering down until sheath separates from backing and remove the backing; sheath should remain behind, securely fitted to the thermometer

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Temple Thermometers Probe Covers

  • Can help with infection prevention
  • Designed for use with temporal thermometers

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Q: What are probe covers used for?

A: Probe covers are used to cover the probe or tip of medical devices, such as thermometers or ultrasound probes, to prevent cross-contamination and ensure accurate readings.

Q: Can probe covers be used on multiple patients?

No, probe covers are intended for single-patient use to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and ensure accurate readings.

Q: Are there different sizes of probe covers available?

 Yes, there are different sizes of probe covers available to fit various medical devices and body parts, such as oral or rectal thermometers.