Return Policy

All customers and individual transactions will fall under this policy, unless dismissed by a written, signed and notarized agreement including any specific terms and conditions for returned goods. Healthcare Supply Pros reserves the right to abrogate any return that does not comply with the terms set forth in this policy.

Non-returnable Items:

  • Custom Items, Patient Home Direct, Kaumographed, Embroidered and/or Altered Textiles, Cubicle Curtains & Accessories, Shower Curtains & Accessories, Carts, Carts Covers, Laundry Bags, Capital Equipment, Mattresses and all Made to Order items CAN NOT be returned.

Defective Items / Items Shipped in Error:

  • A product found to be defective or shipped in error may be returned. Any items that are damaged will require special inspection and/or documentation that would allow Healthcare Supply Pros to file a claim with respective carrier/manufacturer.

Any and all other returns MAY be subject to a restocking fee as listed in the chart below.

Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) is required for all returns. Any items received without prior notice/authorization will be subject to review by an agent and a credit may not be issued. To receive an RGA customer must contact the sales department at +1 (855) 247-7669. Any issued RGA Number is valid for up to thirty days from the day of issuance. If you should decide to keep you product once the RGA number is issued, please notify us by contacting the sales department and we will gladly cancel the RGA.

A determination will be made once the item is received in our warehouse or our vendor’s warehouse and the returns may be rejected due to physical condition of the item/items. Following terms and conditions apply when returning products that are not defective, damaged or a shipping error:

  1. All items must be received in unopened cases and be in tact with the original packaging
  2. Items with “piggyback labels” will not be accepted (such items fall under the “made to order category”)
  3. The expiration date on all nutrients have a shelf life of not less than six months from date received in our warehouse
  4. Expired items may not be returned, and
  5. If the items are received at the warehouse which is not in salable condition due to any improper storage, spoilage, or damaged packaging are not returnable.

All returns that are not for reason of defect, damage, or error will be subject to the following restocking amount, based on the date of the original invoice:

Return from Date of Invoice Re-Stocking Fee as a % of the Invoice Amount
0 – 30 Days 20%/$20 minimum + Freight
Over 30 Days Not returnable

Your RGA authorization will be provided with instructions on contacting the carrier, costs relating to freight and/or restocking fees as applicable. These fees will be deducted from the credit issued. All quality issues, damaged product or returns that are result of a shipping error, will be returned at our expense.

A qualified refund will be issued to the original form of payment within 45 days of receiving the returned item at our warehouse.

Order Cancellation Policy

All orders are automatically processed on our secure merchant processor and sent for shipment as soon as they are placed. During this process we incur irreversible fees. Therefore, while we understand that orders might need to be changed sometimes, we are unable to do it free of charge after a certain point. We strictly adhere to the following cancellation policy:

  • If you cancel your order BEFORE it has been shipped, you will be assessed a 10% cancellation fee before credit is issued.
  • If you cancel your order AFTER it has been shipped, the cancellation will have to be treated as a Return with all applicable fees.
  • Orders which are REFUSED AT DELIVERY will be assessed all of the applicable fees listed above - including restocking, cancellation and other applicable fees.

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