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SilvaSorb Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel wound, gel, dressing, woundcare, antimicrobial, ionic, silver, nonstaining,
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SilvaSorb Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel

  • Gel with ionic silver technology for sustained antimicrobial protection
  • Advanced fluid handling capable of donating or absorbing moisture
  • Nonstaining and gentle to healthy tissue
  • Viscous formulation remains in place in the wound up to three days

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Medigrip Elastic Latex Tubular Support Bandages medigrip, elastic latex, tubular, support, bandages, wounds, compression, skin, soft, arms, legs, limbs, absorbent, medline,
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Medigrip Elastic Latex Tubular Support Bandages

  • Designed to secure dressings, provide support for joints, and, when doubled, deliver mild compression
  • Great for helping to treat edema, chronic venous insufficiency, dislocations and sprains
  • Easy to apply and reapply to limbs
  • Contains natural rubber latex

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Ag+ Powder Antimicrobial Wound Dressing with Calcium Phosphate ag+, powder, antimicrobial, wound, dressing, calcium, phosphate, medline, silver, ion,
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Ag+ Powder Antimicrobial Wound Dressing with Calcium Phosphate

  • Powder formula delivers controlled-release antimicrobial silver ions to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria in deep, hard-to-treat wounds of any size or shape
  • Extended wear time of up to five days makes it ideal for individuals who experience pain during dressing changes
  • Nonstaining

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Sterile 100% Cotton Woven Gauze Sponges (50 Box) cotton, woven, gauze, sponges, sterile, skin, wet, medline, contamination, folded, dressing,
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Sterile 100% Cotton Woven Gauze Sponges (50 Box)

  • Sterile, 100% cotton, USP Type VII woven gauze sponges are ideal for wound dressings, wound packing and general wound care
  • "C fold" design helps minimize loose threads and lint
  • Strictly controlled manufacturing assures clean, debris-free packing with folded edges to prevent unraveling; easy-open envelopes are carefully sealed to prevent the intrusion of dust and contaminants
  • Sterile 2's are packed in a coated paper envelope to reduce fiber debris
  • Sterile 10's feature strong, rigid trays

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Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant skin, protectant, medline, liquid, moisture, damaged, fluid, fragile, peristomal,
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Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant

  • Protects from the effects of friction and moisture, such as urine, exudate, sweat, and other bodily fluids, that can cause maceration
  • Robust, flexible and long-lasting formula is fast drying and breathable and can be used on intact or damaged skin
  • Indicated for damaged skin, fragile skin, periwound skin and peristomal skin

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MedFix Dressing Retention Tape medfix, dressing, retention, tape, gastronomy, tube, feeding, skins, water-resistant, medline,
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MedFix Dressing Retention Tape

  • Secures primary dressings and gastrostomy tubes and other feeding tubes
  • Low-sensitivity adhesive is gentle on your skin
  • Printed S-release liner for flexibility and customized sizing
  • Water resistant to help keep tape on in the presence of moisture

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Maxorb II Silver Alginate Dressings maxorb, silver, dressing, alginate, fibre, ultra-absorptive, calcium, moist, wound, care, skin, ulcers, surgical, burns, antibacterial,
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Maxorb II Silver Alginate Dressings

  • Ultra-absorptive, 100% calcium alginate creates an optimal moist wound healing environment by managing drainage
  • Fluid is wicked vertically to help prevent periwound skin maceration
  • Wet-strength integrity designed for easy, 1-piece removal without leaving residual fibers in the wound
  • For management of acute and chronic, partial and full thickness wounds including pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, first and second degree burns
  • Reinforced alginate ribbon with antibacterial silver

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Optifoam Gentle Foam Dressings with Silicone Adhesive Border optifoam, gentle, foam, dressing, silicone, adhesive, border, wound, burn, skin, moisture, vapor, third-degree, body, patient, medline,
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Optifoam Gentle Foam Dressings with Silicone Adhesive Border

  • Highly conformable1 silicone border provides gentle adhesion and can be lifted and reapplied
  • Moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) adjusts to fluid level to increase breathability
  • Low friction and shear outer layer
  • Indications: partial and full-thickness wounds with drainage
  • Contraindications: third-degree burns and lesions with active vasculitis

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Skintegrity Wound Cleansers skintegrity, wound, cleanser, spray, bottle, nonionic, noncytotoxic, medline,
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Skintegrity Wound Cleansers

  • Specially formulated with a gentle surfactant to allow fast, thorough and gentle cleansing of wounds in all stages
  • Choose mist or stream delivery to loosen and remove protein and wound debris with a nonionic surfactant
  • Noncytotoxic, so it won't hurt healthy cells or impede the wound healing process

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Medline Maxorb Extra CMC/Alginate Dressings
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Maxorb Extra Ag+ CMC / Alginate Dressings

  • Calcium alginate and CMC dressings with antimicrobial silver are ideal for moderately to heavily draining partial- and full-thickness wounds
  • Controlled-release ionic silver helps manage bacteria
  • Up to 21 days of antimicrobial protection

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Medline Sterile Bordered Gauze
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Bordered Gauze Adhesive Island Wound Dressing

  • Composite island dressings have four distinct layers for versatile use, including as a primary or secondary dressing
  • Layer 1 is a nonadherent contact layer that protects the wound site and will not stick to granulating tissue
  • Layer 2 is a soft pad that absorbs drainage and cushions
  • Layer 3 is a water-resistant nonwoven backing with an adhesive border to securely hold the dressing in place

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Puracol Collagen Wound Dressings puracol, collagen, wound, dressing, skin, apply, medline, venous, diabetic ulcers, surgical, vascular-etiologies, burns,
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Puracol Collagen Wound Dressings

  • Jump starts the wound healing process, making it ideal for wounds that are chronic or stalled
  • 100% collagen with a high degree of nativity
  • High gel integrity
  • Ideal for pressure, venous, diabetic ulcers, partial and full-thickness wounds, ulcers caused by mixed vascular etiologies, burns, donor sites and other surface wounds, abrasions, traumatic wounds healing by secondary intention and dehisced surgical wounds
  • Not suitable for active vasculitis or patients with known sensitivity to collagen or silver

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Sureprep Skin Protectant Wipe sureprep, skin, wipe, protectant, fluid, wet, medline, wound, patient, body,
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Sureprep Skin Protectant Wipe

  • Fast-drying skin protectant is vapor permeable and delivers protection from friction and incontinence
  • Transparent barrier may be used on periwound, peristomal or areas that come in contact with bodily fluids

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OptiLock Nonadhesive Super Absorbent Wound Dressings optilock, nonadhesive, super, absorbent, absorbing, absorbency, dressing, wound, skin, burn, third-degree, protect, body, patient, medline, leg, ulcer,
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OptiLock Nonadhesive Super Absorbent Wound Dressings

  • Efficient and versatile dressing can handle large quantities of fluid and minimal drainage while delivering optimal performance
  • Protects skin from maceration that prevents the skin from healing properly
  • Nonadherent wound contact layer for easy removal
  • Indications: pressure injuries, partial and full-thickness wounds, leg ulcers, lacerations and abrasions and wounds under compression
  • Contraindications: third-degree burns, known sensitivity to the product itself or its components, do not use on nonexudating or minimally exudating wounds

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CURAD First Aid Portable Packs firstaid, aid, portable, pack, kit, curad, medline, emergency, cut, bleed, skin, bandages, swabs, waterproof,
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CURAD First Aid Portable Packs

  • Great go-to travel item for first aid essentials
  • Fits into a purse, gym bag, suitcase, and more
  • Complete with 2 alcohol swabs, 3 spot bandages (1" dia.), 3 Flex-Fabric bandages (3/4" x 3"), 3 Flex-Fabric junior bandages (5/8" x 2-1/4"), 3 plastic bandages (3/4" x 3"), and 1 waterproof bandage (1" x 2-1/2")
  • 12 Each / Carton

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Q: What are the main types of wounds?

 Penetrating wounds. Puncture wounds. Surgical wounds and incisions. Thermal, chemical or electric burns. Bites and stings. Gunshot wounds, or other high velocity projectiles that can penetrate the body.

Q: What are the different types of wound dressings?

A: Following are the types of wound dressings:

Gauze Dressing:
 Gauze dressings are made of woven or non-woven materials and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Use on: infected wounds, wounds which require packing, wounds that are draining, wounds requiring very frequent dressing changes.

Transparent Films:
 Transparent film dressings allow oxygen to penetrate through the dressing to the wound, while simultaneously allowing moisture vapor to be released. These dressings are generally composed of a polyurethane material. Use on: partial-thickness wounds, donor sites, minor burns, stage I and stage II pressure ulcers.

 Foam dressings are less apt to stick to delicate wound beds, are non-occlusive and are composed of a film coated gel or a polyurethane material which is hydrophilic in nature. Use on: pressure ulcers, minor burns, skin grafts, diabetic ulcers, donor sites, venous ulcers.

 Hydrocolloid dressings are very absorbent and contain colloidal particles such as methylcellulose, gelatin or pectin that swell into a gel-like mass when they come in contact with exudate. They have a strong adhesive backing. Use on: burns, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers.

 Alginate dressings contain salts derived from certain species of brown seaweed. They may be woven or nonwoven and form a hydrophilic gel when they come in contact with exudate from the wound. Use on: venous ulcers, wounds with tunneling, wounds with heavy exudate.

Composites: Composite or combination dressings may be used as the primary dressing or as a secondary dressing. These dressings may be made from any combination of dressing types, but are merely a combination of a moisture retentive dressing and a gauze dressing. Use on: a wide variety of wounds, depending on the dressing.